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More Photos! 
04:42pm 01/03/2006
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Good Times! 
04:41pm 01/03/2006
  I just got these developed last night, awweee.... memories....

The Man! Swing it Baybay! ;)
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11:00pm 24/09/2005
  I just ate a dog...  
09:04pm 17/02/2005
  what i have here:
1 home
1 backyard
1 park across the street
1 BBQ grill
1 surround sound dvd player
lots of dvds
lots of music.
some cash for random supplies.

what i dont have here:
lots of friends who would like to continue a long standing tradition

any takers?
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Know what 
10:55am 17/01/2005
  I miss you guys.  
03:34pm 01/12/2004
  Ok biznatches check this shit out Liam and Sean are moving to a much better place in riverside with pools bbq's and get this public rec rooms. That’s right folks a room of our very own to terrorize. So let’s start getting together again. I’m open to dates and ideas for the next meat fest.

Please reply with ideas
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any takers? 
07:00pm 13/09/2004
  when: the first sunday of october

where: my house/suzanne park

what: reserved park, bbq meats, stuff our faces, & beat the shit outta some goodies filled pinatas.

why: cuz you bastards been needing a reason to relax and shoot the shit, and i'm more than willing to hold the festival of meats.
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hey you meat festers *EDITEDITED* 
09:09pm 19/08/2004
  my parents are going to vegas NEXT WEEKEND and leaving the house to me. if any of you want to hang out NEXT FRIDAY i'll be reachable by house phone. e-mail for more info.  
hey folks 
02:15am 05/07/2004
mood: cheerful
Is it possible for us to get together this mext sunday?
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Second Annual "Aaron! Holy Fuck DUCK! Is your eye still there?" 4th of July Meat Fest Gala! 
06:34pm 25/06/2004
  Yes boy's and girls you heard right Meat Fest is still Meat Fest, and I want this one to big a big deal. So if you have been woefully absent (you mother fuckers know who you are) show up, and every one bring a friend. Now seeing as how it's the birthday of the empire we will be doing things a bit differently. First of all we are going totally pot luck so bring things to eat that do not need grilling as I will be too busy blowing shit up to get your meat all hot and flavorful. Secondly bring explosives, not that safe and sane shit or I'll rip your glands off. We're talking dangerous and bat shit crazy explosives and tons of them. Last year we got shown up by the white trash speed freaks down the street that will not happen this time I want so much shit going off that they send a SWAT team to the house. Lastly it won't start until 3:00pm as I need sleep and it's fucking hot anyway. So there you go lets make this a night to remember.  
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09:21pm 05/06/2004
  I just realized tomorrow is the first Sunday of the month. Well that's a problem for me. There are three problems with having Mete Fest tomorrow.
1) I need you get some sleep.
2) I made some plans that evening, because I'm stupid and can't figure out when the first Sunday of the month is.
3) I'm so flat ass broke that I can't even afford to tell you about it.

Anyway I'm sorry for such short notice, but please don't come by as this Meat Fest is a no go.
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question (and soon I will have my lj timeframe back sorry) 
03:17am 10/05/2004
  whats up with all the goths and their multicolored braids? Did I miss the memo?  
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im gonna let you make your own assumptions and referrals here kids 
09:39pm 08/05/2004
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Ok then theres this love 
10:16pm 07/05/2004
the real reason its so popular in PS, SF and W S 
10:03pm 07/05/2004
so heres my theory 
01:01am 02/05/2004
mood: bitchy
how do we save the economy?


1. Take all the dipshits, breeders and the like... you know the weakminded by putting some sumbliminal message in the season finale, cant miss it episode of friends. Could be kill yourself, could be some kind of pokemonesque eplicitic seisuze. Bam... a huge gap in the economy. So many wastes of spaces gone.. jobs filled, so many bad marriages broken up, so many body parts to bank for future and current grafting needs, hell the collective fat could be used to elivate the gas crisis. Rachel, Ross and Genocide... a perfect evening with the family.

And on the other end, all the prentitious intellectuals and effected bastards who watch fraiser can get a similar treatment. However I think they should, I dont know, go on a donating spree before sticking their heads in blenders. Free BMWs for everyone!!! Prada rains from the sky. Should free up all those investment bankers, divorce lawyers, "aware" college professors and Hampton homos. Ah yes, the Crane is the bird of death, the egyptians were right!!!

So there you go between those two economic goalposts, plenty of trickle down economics. RR would be proud if the fucker could make me out from his fucking lawn furniture and his breastless, astrology bitch of a say no wife.

And Im freakin out...
Try my veal
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last man standing is a rotten fabrege egg 
12:00am 30/04/2004
mood: amused

hey until my space journal catches up, I post here the funny. you dont likely, you suck grandpa shoe. I go have my ouzo now.
|=\_/(|< 1 4)v( /-\ 9 633|<, 1 /\/33|) +0 63+ |_/-\1|) 
07:06pm 29/04/2004
mood: amused
Any one got the number to |_05+ |-|3/-\|)5?

Anyway, all frogs aside, look forward to seeing the rest of you meatheads Sunday!
damnit, frikken backdatin.. im in stall until it overlaps... so heres the best way to shot you all t 
03:52pm 20/04/2004

cool band, cool guys, check em out if you can
whose down huh? 
02:18pm 13/05/2004
  Riverside, CA University Village Cinemas 1201 University Ave (909) 784-4342 April 16-29 Fri & Sat 9:00 & 11:00pm Sun -Thurs 9:00pm  
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