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so heres my theory

how do we save the economy?


1. Take all the dipshits, breeders and the like... you know the weakminded by putting some sumbliminal message in the season finale, cant miss it episode of friends. Could be kill yourself, could be some kind of pokemonesque eplicitic seisuze. Bam... a huge gap in the economy. So many wastes of spaces gone.. jobs filled, so many bad marriages broken up, so many body parts to bank for future and current grafting needs, hell the collective fat could be used to elivate the gas crisis. Rachel, Ross and Genocide... a perfect evening with the family.

And on the other end, all the prentitious intellectuals and effected bastards who watch fraiser can get a similar treatment. However I think they should, I dont know, go on a donating spree before sticking their heads in blenders. Free BMWs for everyone!!! Prada rains from the sky. Should free up all those investment bankers, divorce lawyers, "aware" college professors and Hampton homos. Ah yes, the Crane is the bird of death, the egyptians were right!!!

So there you go between those two economic goalposts, plenty of trickle down economics. RR would be proud if the fucker could make me out from his fucking lawn furniture and his breastless, astrology bitch of a say no wife.

And Im freakin out...
Try my veal
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